December 4th, 2011

mizuno: lil naughty

The arduous quest is over.

We have a new (used) car. She is a silver Citroën C4. Yes, we've pretty much bought the same car we had before, except that it's a bit newer. I do not want to speak to another used car salesperson for a very, very long time.

We're now at the most important decision of all: what to call her. Our previous Citroën was called Marguerite St. Just, after the daring aristocratic heroine of Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel. The question is, do we stick with the literary theme and call her Leonie, after the saucy cross-dressing Duchess of Avon, created by Georgette Heyer? Or do we stick with the French Revolution theme and call her Sophie, after the erudite, equanimous and exquisite wife of the mathematician, philosopher and victim of said revolution Nicolas de Condorcet? Or should we choose something cleverer that you have thought of?

Poll #1800687 What shall we name our new car?

Shall we call her:

Leonie, after Georgette Heyer's saucy cross-dressing heroine
Sophie, after the Marquis de Condorcet's estimable wife
Something else, which will be explained in the text box

Her name should be: