December 3rd, 2011

me: wrong side of the mirror

Happy Caturday

Image of Telstar napping with his head on his paws, looking contented. Sputnik in the background.

In honour of Caturday, have a story about a trip to the vet.

Vet: Ohhh, what a beautiful glossy boy!
Sputnik: *eyes Vet warily*
Vet: Would oo like some treats?
Sputnik: Lady, in Soviet Russia, Cat examines YOU.
Vet: *puts down treats*
Sputnik: *eyes treats warily*
Vet: Such a good boy! *rubs Sputnik's neck, vaccinates him*
Sputnik: *escalates to full StinkEye* You will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

There is a pause in the cooing whilst cat carriers are swapped.

Vet: Ohhh, what a beautiful glossy boy!
Telstar: Ooh, treats!
Vet: Awww, oo's a hungry boy! Would oo like some more treats?
Telstar: Treats please!
Vet: *puts down treats*
Telstar: Ooh, treats!
Vet: Such a good boy! *rubs Telstar's neck, vaccinates him*
Telstar: MOAR TREATS?!!!!11!!!!

I can't help wondering if we were just very fortunate in our choice of names, or whether their personalities developed in accordance with their naming.