November 26th, 2011

kusanagi: aww

So glad we did Space crafts

Remember the Year 6 students I ran an outreach workshop with a couple of weeks ago?

Last week, I posted the lithographs of Saturn images taken by Cassini to the class, care of IntoUniversity Haringey. Yesterday, I found a big envelope sitting on my chair at work. This is what it contained.

[Image of my big orange thank-you card, with lovingly hand-coloured rocket]

I love that I'm inside the rocket. I love that the rocket is rainbow-coloured. I love that they designed their own logo. In fact, there's nothing that I don't love about this card.

Collapse )

It tickles me that the stars are stars of David. Also that the second rocket looks like the product of an unholy alliance between a traffic signal and a billiard rack.

I got a bit emotional when I opened it, I must admit. I do hope this experience will help them to retain a positive impression of science and engineering in the face of the impending and inevitable adverse influences.