November 6th, 2011

me: ooh!

Sherlock Holmes in 15 minutes

I have now watched the version of Sherlock Holmes that appeared at the talkies in 2009. I was not expecting to like it. And oh my stars and garters, I certainly did not expect to love it. But I did. I did.

AUDIENCE: You’re not quite ascetic enough to be Holmes, Mr Robert Downey Jr.

HOLMES: My dear AUDIENCE, although this film is more full of romance, pugilism and explosions that my author could have dreamed of, I guarantee that you will be in love with me by the end of it, purely on the strength of my demonstration of the triumph of rational thought over superstition. Also, because I’m dashing.

AUDIENCE: How can you possibly know that?

HOLMES: Elemen--No, I’m not going to say that yet. You’re familiar with my methods. You know that I shall not reveal my deductive process until the end.

AUDIENCE: Goddammit.

HOLMES: I can give you a taster, though. Here is some calculated pugilism, carefully dissected for your delectation.

AUDIENCE: Duuuuude.

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I eagerly anticipate the sequel.