October 25th, 2011

stabby ninja

Point thar, u has missed it.

I went to Wolverhampton last night to talk about Cassini to their Astronomical Society, comprised of a friendly mix of OAPs, goggle-eyed children and middle-aged enthusiasts. They seemed to enjoy the talk and my company, so I didn't regret the late arrival of my returning train into London (scheduled for 00:04, actual arrival 00:19). I made my way to brother-out-law's house via Tube. I had intended to take a black cab from the station to the house since he was very kindly waiting up to let me in. The following exchange then occurred.

Me: Hi! Please can you take me to [road redacted]?
Black cab driver: I don't know where that is. You'll have to direct me to it.
Me: I know how to get there on foot but you can't drive that route.
Driver, scornfully: You don't know where you're going?
Me: stare Never mind. It's a beautiful evening.* I'll walk.
Driver: Hey...wait...I can try and find it.
Me: dismissive wave
Driver: You sure?
Me: wet nose decidedly elevated Yes.

I think there might be a few gaps in someone's Knowledge.**

* It was raining.
** Black cab drivers in London have to train for years. This training is called "The Knowledge" and it involves memorizing every street in London within a six mile radius of Charing Cross. Brother-out-law's house is within that radius.