October 19th, 2011

me: ooh!

Fantastic Mr Fox in 15, no 5, minutes

If you have any affection whatsoever for the Roald Dahl story, Fantastic Mr Fox, do not watch this film, unless you enjoy shouting at the screen a lot (which I do). I sat through it because I wanted to make absolutely certain that it did not redeem itself in the end. It didn’t. This has allowed me to be sweary about it on the internet. Yay!

MR FOX: Even though this is taken from an English story set in England, I’m voiced by George Clooney. This is not a good beginning.

MRS FOX: I, too, am American. And why does this film start with the romantic story of how we met? And why do I only have one child, I mean, kit? I had four in the book. And what the fuck is with this visiting cousin side story that is clearly meant to illustrate the lesson of Acceptance of Differences in the usual painfully heavy-handed manner?

MR FOX: Language, darling. This is a kids’ film.

MRS FOX: Really? What’s it about? The book is about a fox that fools a bunch of evil farmers who go to stupid lengths to kill him even though his predations don’t even make a dent in their livestock. A badger and a rabbit join in later.

MR FOX: Shhh, darling.


MR FOX: Spoilers.

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