October 12th, 2011

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Follow-up to the Diversity Fail e-mail.

So I sent off this e-mail a week ago, to the Communications and PR office at NPL.

Today, I finally got a response.

Thank you for your email.
We take diversity very seriously and have taken not [sic] of your comments.

Kind regards,

Is that it?! Really?

I think I feel slightly insulted that it is a two-sentence e-mail and it still contains a misspelling.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my corner, sulking.
me: ooh!

I give you bowls of ice...cream.

I'm afraid I must bombard you with some more Adorable Small Relative pictures now, as I have quite a lot of catching up to do on my photo backlog. This is Little Niece. Memorable moments from our recent visit to Leeds include:

Little Niece, snuggling up next to me on a sun lounger: Auntie [personal profile] nanila, I wish you were my mummy.
Me: I think you'd find that wasn't quite as awesome as you were hoping.
Little Niece's daddy: If Auntie [personal profile] nanila is your mummy, can I still be your daddy?
LN, flatly: No. Uncle Bloke will be my daddy.
LN's daddy: Can I have your play room if you go and live in Cambridge?
LN: No.

And, while we were squeaking tasty grilled halloumi between our teeth before watching Doctor Who:

LN: Oh no! The cheese robbers are comin' to steal our cheese!
Me: Oh no! What will we do?
LN: I hear the Tardis.
Me: Oh good. The Doctor will know what to do.
LN: NOOOO, Auntie [personal profile] nanila. Amy will help us.

♥ the tiny feminist witchy princess punk rock girl.

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