October 11th, 2011

me: ooh!

Little Nephew Is Named

My Little Nephew - wait, I've got two now. Er, how to distinguish them? I suppose I'll have to start calling him Little Nephew 1. OK. Little Nephew 1 was christened the weekend after my birthday. The bloke and I were in attendance, of course, and the bloke had to stand in for one of the godfathers, who couldn't be there because he was stuck in Afghanistan, which as far as excuses go is a pretty good one. So he had to pretend to be Catholic for an hour and a half, with a hangover, a task made the more difficult by the amount of incense that seems to get waved around during mass. I don't remember that from my childhood. I guess incense doesn't burn so well in tropical climates? Does incense go mouldy?

Anyway, here are some photos from Little Nephew 1's Official Naming Day. (NB: "Little Nephew 1" is not his real name.)

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