August 7th, 2011

manning: uberbitch

Auntie Nanila's Top Travel Tip for Iceland

Icelandic horses

See this wonderful pastoral view, taken from a mountainside in Iceland in summer at sunset? See those sleek Icelandic horse silhouettes?

Well, if you want to experience and maintain an unblemished appreciation for this scene, then allow me to recommend the following. Do not, I repeat, do not park your hire car within a kilometre of these animals if you cannot see a fence between you and them. If you do, you can expect to return to your car, exhilarated after a couple of hours' hiking around the mountain whilst enveloped in the scent of wild thyme, to find that your hire car has gone from its relatively pristine condition to this, because Icelandic horses apparently have developed a taste for vehicle paint.

I now understand why Icelanders have no compunctions about eating horse.