April 23rd, 2011

me: art

National Poetry Month No. 5: Sandra Cisneros - I the Woman

Sandra Cisneros - I the Woman (from My Wicked Wicked Ways)

II’mI am
am shethe Thursdayyour temporary
of your storiesnightthing
the notoriousthe pooryour own
leg wrappedI am shedancing
aroundI’m darkI am
the doorin the veinsa live
bare heartI’mwildness
like a burrI’m hipbehind
the faultand good skinone earring
the back streetbrassin the car
the weaknessand sharp tootha finger-
that’s mehard lip pushedprint
againston skin
the airthe black smoke
I’m lightbeamin your
no stopping meclothes
and in
me: ooh!

Snake! Snake! Oh, it's a snake

Swimming grass snake

Click to embiggen

Yesterday was the first time in my 6.5+ years in England that I've seen a snake in the wild. There are only three types of snake in the UK: the adder, the grass snake and the smooth snake. I was very excited when the bloke & I spotted a grass snake while walking around a National Trust property in Norfolk (Oxburgh Hall). This was the best shot I could get of it, as it was swimming rather rapidly upstream...towards a group of ducklings.