April 19th, 2011

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National Poetry Month No. 1: Golden Palominos - Ride

Golden Palominos - Ride

Slow, slow, quickquick slow, ride (x2)

At any moment, you know,
Your manufactured cool could blow
Welcome to the land of pointless and destructive

You keep whining and crying into your beer,
Complaining the reception doesn't come in clear
You just can't make a connection

What are all the pretty people on?
No one ever learns to speak American
There are only so many Kung Fu movies you can watch

Haircut, hometown, heroin friends
You make excuses, you should make amends
Who do you call for help when all your friends are dead?

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Golden Palominos - Ride (MP3, 4.5 MB)

This song comes from the album "Dead Inside", which features Nicole Blackman doing her spoken-word thing over Bill Laswell's creepy atmospheric noodling. It's one of my favourite albums ever. I recommend picking it up. (Comments screened.)