May 25th, 2010

me: wrong side of the mirror

Pictures from Dorset

I figured it would be wise to finish writing up the last bank holiday weekend in Dorset before the next one (in East Sussex) takes place, so this post is a bit of a monster.

The first set of photos was taken on a bicycle ride, where we stumbled upon a very pretty little church.

Clenston Church from the road

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On our last day, the bloke and I drove past the Tank Museum at Bovington to appreciate the natural beauty of Lulworth Cove. We stopped briefly at the Tank Museum to pick up a fridge magnet for a friend who collects them, but didn't have time for a visit as we were driving in the wrong direction and needed to get back to Cambridge by evening. We were thrilled, therefore, when we rounded a corner to see a sign proclaiming "Tanks (10 MPH)". We mocked it for exactly 2.34765 seconds, when suddenly the road was blocked by, um, a tank. We proceeded slowly after that.

Lulworth Cove pano

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Since we had come to the seaside for a holiday, we were determined to enjoy it, even though it was absolutely fecking freezing in the high wind that blew incessantly throughout the trip. We therefore made a pilgrimage to nearby Swanage, so that Little Niece might be indoctrinated into the British way of having fun, which consist of making the best of a bad lot, e.g. building sandcastles while icy water swirls about your ankles. We also paid 40 pence to stroll along the pier. I was barely restrained from protesting that I wished to amble, which was surely cheaper.

Swanage pano

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From sandcastles, we proceeded to an actual castle, though the latter proved to be as vulnerable to the forces of physics as the former when the Parliamentarians blew it up in 1646. The remaining structures form a picturesque ruin.

View from Corfe Castle's walls

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