October 16th, 2009

kieth: crazy

Allow me to summarize my day.

I have PhD in chemical physics, a job that pays well and is reasonably secure, a British boyfriend, and I now own a house in the UK.

There is no earthly reason for my visa renewal forms to be this complicated. The form itself is 75 pages long. The accompanying instructions are over 50. I have to be parted from my passport and the last twelve months of payslips and bank statements. Being without a passport is incredibly stressful. It is the one document containing my right to be here and to travel out of the country. Being without payslips is mildly annoying, and twelve months of bank statements with detailed transactions constitutes a massive invasion of privacy.

Some people ask, why not get married? It's cheaper and easier. Well, that's a very cute idea, if you happen to want to get married already. Does no one else find using it solely as a means to get a visa kind of repellent? Excuse me for having principles.