October 15th, 2009

Bush Fire Hazard

Parenthood Lesson No. 34

Working from home is not difficult even when you are confined to one room due to the house having no windows and no front door.

It is, however, nigh impossible when you are confined to that room along with two seven week old kittens who think that your mouse hand is the most fabulous new toy ever.

Here is a message from Telstar: "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiqgtttttttggggggggggggggg"
And one from Sputnik: "mew"

(I may have cheated on the second one. But you see, I put him on the keyboard and he promptly slid off onto the floor when Telstar launched a flying tackle at him.)
tachikoma: celebratory

Double-glazing is BRILLIANT.

Old Window OutNew Window In

When the window fitters ripped out the old windows, one of them knocked on the door to the room in which the kittens and I were sheltering from the dust. "Just wanted to show you this," he said, holding up a piece of rolled-up newspaper. "Your windows were last replaced in 1979."

Those newspapers spent thirty years providing stunningly inadequate insulation between our walls and our single-pane windows. It is so much quieter in the house now, even though the downstairs windows won't be replaced until tomorrow.

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