April 20th, 2009

kusanagi: sometimes it's true

Camping in Cornwall 2: Hedgehogs Are Not Cute.

One night during our holiday, we decided that our barbecue needed to be accompanied by toffee cake. We devoured most of the cake and then hiked to the beach-front pub near our campsite to watch the sunset and the football (Chelsea v Liverpool, Champions League, wrong result). We toddled home gently pissed some time later and went to bed, forgetting to stash the cake in the car.

About an hour after going to sleep, we awakened to distinct whuffling noises disturbingly near our feet. The bloke switched on the lamp and shone it into the "porch" of our tent. Two cake-smeared hedgehogs looked back at us from atop a shiny clean plate. They didn't even have the grace to appear ashamed and had to be escorted out with the soles of our hiking boots. We carefully cleared out the tent of all remaining (sealed) food containers, locked the car and curled up in our sleeping bags.

A short time later, the thieving little bastard and his cohort returned. They responded to our hissed commands to piss off with a series of indignant shrieks at finding their largesse removed. As we discovered in the morning, they expressed their displeasure by leaving some digested cake in the porch.

I still can't quite believe that we got mugged by Mr Snuffles.