January 13th, 2009

me: wrong side of the mirror

In the Winter Garden

These are both multiple exposures shot at Anglesey Abbey in the winter garden from my latest roll of Holga film. Much as I love my fantastic little chunk of medium-format plastic, I may have to give up on the habit. When I had the first roll of 12 developed, it cost £15 for development, prints and scans, which was steep. Then I started using the slide film taische was kind enough to send me. This cost £20. It hasn't crept up since, but it's also been a couple of months since I shot anything on film. This latest roll? £30 for development, prints and scans. That's actually a fair amount of acrylic paint, right there. Unless I can find a cheaper place to get the stuff developed, I think this might be the last time I use the Holga for a while.