October 23rd, 2008

me: wrong side of the mirror

Roger Hiorns - "Seizure"

Copper sulphate stalactite

"Seizure" was created in a condemned block of flats near Elephant & Castle tube station. Artist Roger Hiorns made Flat 159 watertight, filled it with 70,000 litres of hot copper sulphate solution, let it cool for two and a half weeks and then drained it.

I went to visit the flat with one of my colleagues last night. We donned wellies and thick leather gloves and plunged into the tiny space. I gleefully snapped away whilst trying to prevent the dSLR from being impaled on spiky corners. Click the stalactite to view to the gallery (10 images).

Londoners, this exhibit has been extended to 30 November and runs Tues-Sat from noon to 7 PM. Admission is free. Go during the week after work. If you don't kick yourself for failing to go before the flats get knocked down, I will.