May 6th, 2008

mizuno: lil naughty

Zombie nanila

This is probably against my better judgment, but I've signed up to be zombie extra on Thursday and Friday of this week.

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Since we are to be modern, fast-moving zombies, I've decided to wear my most ripped-up pair of faded jeans, bashed trainers and my black "What We Need More Of Is Science" hoodie, which is already bleach-stained and streaked with paint. I have no theatrical aspirations, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to be made up to look absolutely hideous and then run through a field shrieking.

Poll #1183415 I can smell your spicy brains.


NO. The idea is to survive the zombie apocalypse WITHOUT getting turned, dummy.
Oh how I would love to join you in feasting on tasty brains, if only I were anywhere remotely near London.
I signed up first. Therefore, you're technically joining me.