May 2nd, 2008

me: wrong side of the mirror



A blend of Holga images, part of my efforts to learn to use GIMP. Its interface isn't as sleek and shiny as Tatershop's, but it's got quite a lot of the functionality. Although if anyone can tell me if there's an equivalent of the Gaussian Blur effect, which I used to use in layers to help subtly soften images, especially portraits, I would appreciate it. Guess what. It's cleverly hidden under the "Filters:Blur" menu. I'M BLIND

I'm shortly off to Leeds for the bank holiday weekend. This is my fourth visit in six months. I think I might be getting alarmingly fond of the place.

ETA: Unrelatedly, does anyone else get annoyed by the consistent use of pictures of very young women in small dresses and heels passed out on the pavement every time an article comes out about the alarming rise in binge drinking among females in the UK? If I remember correctly, the increase isn't just occurring amongst teenage females, it's occurring across all age ranges, and includes a lot of women in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are not drinking to excess in nightclubs, outside, or even in pubs. They're doing it in their homes and in posh restaurants, and the very fact that they're in a safe, comfortable environment is what makes it so easy to go over the healthy weekly limits for alcohol consumption. So, the next time one of those articles comes out, can the publishing agency please use a picture of a bunch of middle-class mums drinking out of fishbowl sized wine glasses? Yeah.