January 27th, 2007

mizuno: lil naughty

How to throw a good party.

Begin at 7:30 PM, preferably when already drunk on whisky. Take:

  • Twenty bottles of Stella
  • Thirty cans of Carlsberg
  • Six cans of Kronenberg
  • Several liters of Hoegaarden and San Miguel
  • Seven bottles of wine
  • Two bottles of whisky
  • An undetermined quantity of other hard liquor

And pour it into:

  • Twenty-two physicists

Add one Polaroid camera, a long blonde wig, a stuffed snake and enough space in the living room to dance to Madonna at 2:30 AM. Dial everyone in your address book at 3:00 AM. Pass out somewhere around 4:00 AM. Wake up at 10:00 AM to find that you are possibly still a little drunk.

We're so doing this again. Oh yeah.