June 24th, 2006

tachikoma: celebratory

World Cup 2006

Things I've Never Done Before Wot I've Done In The Last Ten Days:

- Visited Germany
- Attended five World Cup matches
- Stayed awake all night on the train and watched the lights reflecting off the Rhine
- Eaten weisswurst (Mmm, veal.)
- Met mysti77 (At last!)
- Spoken very bad Spanish and even worse German to people other than Marco
- Been soaked in beer on a daily basis (Externally.)
- Worn open-toed shoes on a daily basis without getting stepped on once
- Exchanged shirts with a Brazilian man (We weren't exactly the same size.)

The wee hours in Dortmund, dronk

- Loved being in huge crowds* of dancing**, singing*** people so much.

This trip bowled me over, especially watching people from all over the world shaking hands and laughing and trading shirts at the ends of matches and communicating through gesture when language didn't work. I think I'm still high on the great vibes. (It can't be the weissbier, we drank all of that.)


* The Argentina v. Serbia-Montenegro match after Argentina's third goal.
** The tram ride to the stadium for the Brazil v. Japan match.
*** Mind you, this & the previous video were shot over six hours prior to kick-off.