May 16th, 2006

kusanagi/batou: loony fangirl

An analogy that will stay with me.

My tai chi experience on Monday night has become a lengthy ordeal. When I started with this school, the first class, which is open to all levels, lasted an hour and a half. It now clocks in at just under two hours. Six months ago, our teacher started up a second class for the more advanced students. Originally it was half an hour, then we formally agreed on 45 minutes. Lately it's been going for nearly an hour. Last night it went for an hour and twenty minutes.

We were working on the sword form and then on some combat applications. Swinging a sword around, even a wooden one, gets pretty exhausting after more than an hour. Our teacher was displeased enough with our efforts to make us stop while he admonished all of us.

"You know what a fluffer's job in a porn movie is, right?" he demanded, glaring at us.

We exchanged looks, saucer-eyed.

"Don't be like that. Don't just knock it about."
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