April 21st, 2006

kusanagi/batou: loony fangirl

Time to get off

I like to watch people on the train and imagine what they look like when they're having an orgasm. (Who doesn't?) Like the perfectly coiffed girl chewing gum, her glossed lips barely moving. She leans back, tilts her head so that her hair flows down her back, closes her eyes. She makes a little noise, but not too much, just enough so that her partner knows she's enjoying it. Not because she thinks it's sexy, although that's what all those films have led her to believe. Mostly she's wondering if she can get out of it without messing up her makeup. The grungy-looking dude with the paint-covered overalls, he keeps his eyes open, clenches his teeth and groans loudly, once. The plain woman struggling with her luggage and looking worried is a demon in bed. She can't often relax enough to let a lover give her an orgasm but when she does, she squinches up her face and screams her head off. The dour man in the suit bites his lips and suppresses all sound. It's a holdover from his teenage years when he used to fuck another boy in the locker room toilets. If he doesn't make any indication that he's enjoyed sex, then it never happened. That tiny, wicked-looking lady covers her mouth with her hand when she has an orgasm because she doesn't want her lovers to see that she's giggling. Sex always seems silly to her. The meek bald man in the corner, he can only come during oral sex and he talks the whole time, sneering. He says filthy, horrible things that he doesn't mean at all.

Hey, it's the Queen's birthday today. I wonder what she looks like when she has an orgasm? They should put that face on the coins.