January 30th, 2006

me: wrong side of the mirror

Happy New Year.

You know when you're standing at the bus stop with a belly full of whisky and it's really late at night or early in the morning depending on how you look at it, and you think oh, I should be afraid, I'm all alone at this bus stop and there's no one about and there's no headlights or sound of traffic and you become convinced that everyone else in the world has ceased to exist and then you stop and think, but I love this, I'm all alone and the electric lights are shining with that inviting yellow glow and you wish that it were true, that everyone else had vanished, but then the headlights appear on the horizon and it's your bus and you're sad because there, somebody must be driving the bus, so you're not alone, but as you step into the lurching warmth and rocket through the dark to the next stop you become glad?


Well, you should.
tachikoma: celebratory

Welcome to the Year of the Dog

(You know what to do.)

Top row, L to R: Hanging dog, ripperlyn and pagoda, street scene
Middle row, L to R: capitalflash and sparklepbass, impix and shniggit through a very foggy lens, some fishy-looking person in a hat
Bottom row, L to R: impix being unselfconsciously beautiful, happy people, strange monkey-like boy-touching between shniggit and culturedgoat

(If any of the featured participants would like high res versions, holler and I'll e-mail them to you.)