January 11th, 2006

me: wrong side of the mirror

Jet lag

Hello everybody. I'm trying to stay awake until at least 9 PM tonight. We arrived at 6 AM after flying from San Juan to Boston and from Boston to Heathrow with a four-hour layover. My head doesn't feel attached to my body at the moment.

It was a distinctly divided holiday. The first half of the trip with imyril and her boyfriend involved a lot of tourist-like activity, including going to the beach, eating lots of sugary tropical badness, and drinking rum. The second half of the trip involved visiting the multitudinous members of Marco's family, including his (until now) estranged father whom he hasn't seen or spoken to for twelve years. I'm still overwhelmed emotionally. Please forgive me if it takes some time to resume normal service.

I missed you all. Thank you to those who sent me cards and provided a homecoming that involved a mailbox stuffed with joy instead of just with bills.

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