January 3rd, 2006

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 8: OSJ v2

Most of the morning is given over to reading, coffee, and the procurement of World Cup tickets. Marco has to log into the internets for that, which he does at Cheo and Magali's house, thereby sparing the rest of us the need to look at a computer screen. We end up with tickets to: Japan v. Brazil (Dortmund), Paraguay v. Trinidad (Kaiserslauten), Czech Republic v. Ghana (Cologne), Portugal v. Mexico (Gelsenkirchen) and Netherlands v. Argentina (Frankfurt). None of them are in Munich, which is the one city where we actually have a place to stay. At 300 euro a night for hotels, I predict much sleeping on trains.

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This is imyril and her boyfriend's last day, so we go to Old San Juan to pick up some things they'd eyed in various shop windows. In particular, a large and beautifully carved wooden lizard needs to go home with imyril. His lifelike textures and rich mahogany color make him irresistible. His name, she decides, is Sid. Sid disappears into a huge swaddle of bubble wrap and tape for safe transport to London before we can take his picture.

We spend the evening with Cheo and Magali. Magali serves us avocado slices, fresh pesto and pasta, and tomato and sesame tofu salad. For dessert, we have guineaitos (apple bananas) coated in brown sugar and honey, warmed on a stove until the sugar melted, drizzled with Ron del Barrilito (three-star) and set alight. ¡Tan delicioso! We drink two bottles of wine with dinner. Magali brings out a Dominican Christmas treat: ponche. It's made with cooked egg, cream of coconut, grated nutmeg and two liters of Brugal Añejo (Dominican rum, mas picante). We finish the evening with the Barceló 21st anniversary rum and multitudinous toasts to our gracious hosts.