December 30th, 2005

me: wrong side of the mirror

Day 4: Dorado to Lares to Arecibo

In the morning, we head to Dorado to check out the place we'll be spending New Year's Eve. It's an empty villa in a gated community about 45 minutes from San Juan that Cheo finagled for us from a friend of a friend. It's almost offensively opulent. As imyril's boyfriend remarks, it's the kind of place you could imagine a drug kingpin hiding out at. The kind of place that employs most of the surrounding community as guards, groundskeepers and servants. The kind of place that requires a signed form stating the full names of all the guests, the length of their visits, and an ID check before you can enter.

Temptation, in the form of the enormous kitchen and the private strip of beach, overwhelms our scruples. Collapse )