November 3rd, 2005

kusanagi: puerile

Britain, Britain, Britain. They've had running water here for over ten years!

In London, the only piece of American sports team paraphernalia that I've seen are caps and hoodies bearing the logo of the New York Yankees. This is most probably because that's the only team most people know out here, kind of like Manchester United in the States. So when I wear my black Blue Marlin hoodie with the logo for the Los Angeles Angels, I tend to attract attention. When I put the hood up because my head is cold, I tend to attract the attention of the Yankees-hoodie-wearing teenagers who put their hoods up because they're trying evade the omnipresent CCTV cameras. And when a bunch of them decide to call "Westsiiiide" at me in North London accents, I think I should be commended for not collapsing in the middle of the pavement, howling.

Although perhaps I've already received my reward for today in the form of the marked discount at the hardware store, presumably because I was the only female in there and I smiled at the boy at the cash register.