October 4th, 2005

pazu: jack you up


I recently received my absentee ballot for the November 2005 California Special Statewide Election.

Oh boy is it special! Collapse )

I don't even have the strength to go on right now. There are three more measures on the ballot for me to get steamed up about and I don't have the energy left. I hate this whole stupid proposition system. Most private citizens don't have the time, energy or necessary education to wade through hundreds of pages of legalese to try to determine whether or not the text of a proposition adequately represents their views, to find out whether there's some other hidden measure being included in the text that's not being widely discussed (read: Prop 76) or even to discern what the impact will be on him/herself or on the state. And if private citizens do have the resources to make informed choices, then why the hell are they paying legislators if those legislators are going to hand the responsibility for passing legislation back to them?

This crap is enough to turn a girl into a raging libertarian.