August 20th, 2005

me: ooh!

Day 5: Island #2: Clare Island

The Pirate Queen

Today we're off to the home of Granuaile (Grace O'Malley). We have a hearty breakfast in the morning, courtesy of Becca and her mad cooking skillz. Eggs and beans on toast, with a big glass of OJ and a cup of tea. I buy a newspaper and a liter of water. We go to the tourist office, buy our ferry passes and sit on the steps to wait for the bus to Roonah Quay. Becca snaps a fabulous photo of me glaring at the newspaper and Kegan frowning at his book. The only other passengers are an Italian couple, so I wonder if the ferry is going to be empty. It seems that most people who travel from Roonah Quay to Clare Island don't start from Westport, as the parking lot and the ferry are jammed.

The ferry is aptly named the "Pirate Queen."

The ride lasts only fifteen minutes, which is less thrilling than the ride to Inishbofin, which we can see to the south. The coastline of County Mayo is rockier and less lushly green than that of Connemara in Galway.

The ferry flies the Jolly Roger, of course.Collapse )