August 18th, 2005

me: ooh!

Day 3: Island #1: Inis Bó Finne (Inishbofin)

Ferry ride to Inishbofin
We manage to eke out a space in the insanely busy kitchen of our Galway hostel to eat a good breakfast, supplemented a short while later by a chocolate muffin from a nearby bakery. We hop on the coach from Galway to Cleggan, which takes us through the ponds and verge of Connemara National Park. I wish several times that we could stop long enough to jump out and take a few photos, but content myself with admiring the view through the windows.

The coach stops to let us purchase our ferry tickets and drives us all the way down to the pier where the ferry to Inishbofin Island is about to depart. We ride in the front near the bow for the entire forty minute ride. The skies are clear and bright and the dips and yaws of the boat elicit exhilarated screams from the children among the passengers. One man stands in the bow and gets sprayed from a hole in the bow near his feet. It soaks his khaki trousers to the crotch.

The first image shows the wake behind the first ferry to Inishbofin, which left a few minutes before ours. So much blue. The second and third were both taken as the ferry eased into the docks on the island.Collapse )