August 5th, 2005

me: ooh!

Heavy weather.

Last Friday was the first time since the bombings that I've gotten on an Underground train or a bus without thinking about the possibility of being blown up. When I finally did, most of the way through my journey, I was disappointed.

Today I walked to the Camden Town tube stop. Just outside, near the Halfway House pub, a group of eight police officers were searching two young black men. The men were cooperating, if a bit sulkily and with much eye-rolling. As I passed, a white man in a blue shirt jumped at one of the men, screaming. "You look like one of them, you are one of them, you fucking cunt." The police wrestled him away from the scene. I caught the eye of a woman nearby and she shook her head sadly at me. As if on cue, it started to rain.

Borough Market was extremely quiet today.

I think I'm depressed.
me: ooh!

The grass is always greener.

Banksy's branching out.

He tagged the West Bank wall.

Banksy, who hails from the UK city of Bristol, never allows himself to be photographed and created the images last week.

Banksy is well known for his art stunts around the world. He condemned the wall but described it as "the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers".

His previous creations, which critics condemn as stunts, have included a bronze spoof of the statue of Justice from the Old Bailey, London, wearing thigh-high boots and a suspender belt.

He also embarrassed the British Museum by planting a hoax cave painting of a man pushing a supermarket trolley, which he said went unnoticed for three days.

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