May 16th, 2005

me: ooh!

Centre Point views

Thanks to the kindness of bellelaqueen, who is (1) fit but also (2) married already, I got to go inside the Centre Point building at the corner of New Oxford Street and Charing Cross road to see London from way up high. After fish and chips, I went to the Ben Crouch and drank pints of Lust and Pride in honor of capitalflash's birthday. There was spooky music played in the toilets, and watching sparklepbass successfully extract all of the chocolate from a jug of Sloth. After that Marco and I found a pretty good Mexican restaurant, where we drank margaritas, and then we went home and the rest is edited for the sake of the children or perhaps because I don't want to admit that we sat around and watched episodes of Spaced all weekend. Aaaanyway, although poor Centre Point could have used a bath and possibly a nice warm scarf and despite the inadequacy of my camera, I still got a Collapse )