April 3rd, 2005

me: ooh!


Last weekend, Marco and I went to Warwick to visit the Castle, which is the English version of Disneyland and is similarly infested with young children becoming enamoured of cheap plastic toys. Except instead of Mickey Mouse ears, they're wearing helmets and shields and swinging shiny swords around. The generally campy atmosphere of the castle can't compete with the beauty of the surrounding 60 acres, though, and that's where I took most of my photos. I've summarized most of our journey in the image captions in the gallery below [35 photos]. The only thing that's missing is our brief stop for tea at a place called The Poacher's Den and aside from the name, it wasn't that exciting.

Marco's family was supposed to be with us this weekend, but due to several consecutive flight cancellations, their already brief trip was shortened to the point where they would have spent more time on the plane than in the city. It's a shame because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous since Friday, but it's also kind of not because it means I've been able to spend most of it outside drinking. Also, today we're going to the London Zoo to touch monkeys with kittenhotep, and I have promised to touch one especially in honor of opheliablue's birthday.