January 23rd, 2005

me: ooh!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I've typed in my Dublin travel journal, all mercifully backdated to spare the friends pages. I have to get my Lomo film developed, my digital camera battery crapped out on me on the first day and I forgot to bring the plug adaptor. Pictures will have to wait.

Dublin, Day 1, or "Hello friend I love today"

Dublin, Day 2, or "T'irsty T'ursday"

Dublin, Day 3, or "Sit here and contemplate 'Modern Art' or something"

Dublin, Day 4, or "How to get to 'Hoht'"

I was only there for four days so I definitely count myself a tourist. My overall assessment of the city would be that the nightlife, or pop culture, is overrated, but the art, museums and galleries, or "high" culture, is absolutely top-class. I suppose if you're a college student (particularly an underage American) or out for an easy lay, then Temple Bar isn't bad. Personally, I'd rather be in London, where I can get good spirits as well as beer at a club and have a wide variety of venue sizes and musical styles to choose from. London nightlife is generally good value for money. I'd say Dublin is pretty hit-and miss. (I'm willing to concede that I missed something, since we didn't have any persons into "alternative" sub-cultures to give us guidance.) However, I was consistently impressed by the quality of collections and curation in the museums and galleries I visited, especially considering that they were nearly all FREE. Certainly they give London's a good run for their money. Also, Dublin's streets are far easier to navigate than London's, since a great deal of the city has been rebuilt in grid format.

Favorite pint of Guinness: The Ginger Man, €2.95
Favorite museum: The Chester Beatty Library, FREE
Favorite Irish whiskey: Red Breast 12 year, FREE (from the Old Jameson Distillery bartender)
Favorite statue: Molly Malone, aka "The Tart with the Cart"
Favorite accent: Taxi driver, Wednesday night ("Dey could sue meh fer t'ousans, ye knoh?")
Favorite meal: Gallagher's Boxty House (good food, good meat, good god, let's eat)

Least favorite pint: Kilkenny (not big on the bitter)
Least favorite exhibit: The Books of Kells, €7.50 (Go to the CBL!)
Least favorite Irish whiskey: Bushmills (and it was still pretty good)
Least favorite statue: The Spire (duh)
Least favorite accent: American (bwaha.)
Least favorite meal: Elephant & Castle (sad, because I liked the name)