January 5th, 2005

me: ooh!


I just had the sort of encounter that will make any woman feel like hot sex for the rest of the day.

I was walking down the street and a good-looking middle-aged priest was walking in the other direction. I didn't notice him until we passed each other, but I think he must have been watching me for a while. When our eyes met, he jumped, blushed violently, and looked determinedly at his shoes.

Ohohoho. Sinful thoughts, Father?

Also, I have discovered that none of my (size four US) trousers fit properly anymore. I am a size two (US). I have not been a size two since I was about fifteen. On the one hand, yay, I've lost weight! On the other hand, trouser shopping, what a nightmare. On the other other hand, if I lose more weight, I'll be a size zero (US). What the hell is up with size zero. Does that mean you cease to exist on the plane of trouser material?