Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

The Friday Five on a Saturday

1. Do you have a yearly, or monthly, clothing budget? Do you stick to it?

No and no. I purchase clothing as infrequently as possible.

2. Do you buy trendy clothes, or classic pieces that can be worn for years?

If by "classic" you mean "robust items in black that will go equally well with ballet flats, knee high boots or DMs, all of which are also black", then the latter.

3. Is there a current fashion trend that you hate?

I would probably hate all of them if I knew what they were. I will stick to "truculent old corpgoth" forever.

4. Have you had clothing altered to fit you better?

A couple of times, when I bought fancy trousers that weren't already hemmed for Important Occasions.

5. Is there a piece of clothing, or accessory, that you covet?

I would like a pair of lifetime guarantee trousers with all the pockets. A posh mechanical watch. And one day I want to splurge on a really expensive sleek black coat. But I can quite happily continue to exist without any of those things.

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