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Context-free tasting notes

One of my dearest friends organised a virtual bourbon-tasting evening for me and another friend last night.

Below are some unattributed notes. For those familiar with all three of us [the other two used to keep LJs, donkey's years ago], you can probably guess which persons are responsible for which.


Nose: "This is exactly like the pine air freshener from the '80s. The ones that came on the tree-shaped cards."

Palate: "I've added orange soda. *sips* Ah. I've turned it into washing-up liquid."

Finish: "What did you write?" "I put 'grateful it's over'."

Nose: "Vanilla, with notes of eye-burning."

Palate: "This tastes much better than it smells." Also: "This is bar bourbon, not home bourbon."

Finish: "If I met it in the morning, I might not like it as much." "Not for taking up to the hotel room, then."


"Hang on. I can't pour."
"Is that quantity, or glass-targeting?"

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