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Cat + boy, 2021 questions (54 to 57/365)

Cat and Boy

February 23
If you could get rid of anything on the planet what would it be?

Since we’re talking magic again, if I could wave a wand and remove, at 100% efficacy, all the waste plastic in landfills and our oceans, I would.

February 24
What would be the ultimate travel experience for you?

After a year of going no further than about 20 miles from home, the bar’s pretty low for travel experiences. I’d be happy just to see my parents in the next twelve months. It doesn’t really matter where, although it would be nice to go somewhere special for my dad’s 80th.

If we’re setting the bar high and not worrying about environmental impact, I would have a short visit to the International Space Station.

February 25
What’s the most recent show you’ve binge watched?

I don’t have the luxury of sufficient time to binge-watch long series. I’m not sure this counts, but we watched four of the five episodes of “Lupin” (French detective series on Netflix) over the course of three nights. It’s so much fun, very entertaining.

February 26
What conclusions did you make about money as a child?

That I was going to need to ensure I earned a lot of it to survive independently as an adult.

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