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2021 questions (16/365)

January 16
Think about a job you hated. What did you learn from it?

I've been lucky enough never to have had to take a job I hated. I've taken ones I've been unsure about, and while I've gotten bored or disenchanted after a while, it never got to the point where I actually loathed being there.

I have, however, had a job where I got to see some of the worst of human nature, and it made me very glad the position was temporary.

I was a bouncer at a nightclub during the summers while at University. I took the job because it just about paid the rent and my bills so I could stay in LA, and it meant I got into my favourite club nights for free. However, it was working the other club nights as a bouncer that I found really disturbing. Particularly, Club 70s. That was genuinely the worst night. Fights, knives and other weapons, being threatened, being sworn at, racially abused, spat at; those things never happened on the other nights. The worst, though, was seeing men hit and/or verbally abuse the women they were with. When, invariably, they were thrown out - this is the bit I found most difficult - the women would always refuse the taxis we called for them, and go off with the men, faces bleeding, limping, cradling an arm carefully. We tried so hard to convince them to stay with us and to let us see them home safely, and it never ever worked.

So I guess the main lesson from that job was that if someone thinks you need a taxi to get away from the people you're with, take the goddamn taxi.
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