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Day 74/183: Lockdown Excitement: smol frens (2/2)


Humuhumu and Keiki look into a big Kilner jar full of canal water, algae, and about 20 tadpoles.

There has been almost no barge traffic in the canal since lockdown began. As a result, the water has gradually cleared at the surface from its usual murky brown, and the wildlife are using the full extent of the waterways for their activities. For example, we’ve never seen tadpoles at the canal’s edge, although we can sometimes hear frogs in summer. Now, though, we can see several inches below the surface, and everywhere there’s sufficient algae, the water is teeming with tadpoles.All you have to do to catch them is dip a jam jar into it.


Closeup of tadpoles in the algae at the bottom of the jar.


Humuhumu and Keiki peering into the bottom of the jar.


Keiki looking delighted over holding a jar of tadpoles.


The bit where tadpole-fishing gets so exciting, you almost lose your trousers.

[YouTube video, 00:13 long]
Keiki reacts with great excitement when the tadpoles are transferred from the little jam jar into the big Kilner jar.</cut>

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