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Day 53/183: +/- from a lock-in

+ Humuhumu and I discovered I can transfer Pokemon to her from Pokemon Go on my phone to Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee on the Nintendo Switch. That has helped enormously with whiling away the weekend, especially since I have a cold.

- Keiki and the bloke went to pick up his glasses from the opticians on Saturday morning, as we hadn’t heard anything from them about cancelling the appointment. They were shut, and a notice on the door informed them that new glasses were being couriered out. We have no idea when they might arrive, though, as we haven’t been given any information specific to his case.

+ We made a lot of progress with the garden, at least the portion of it that isn’t an abandoned building site. We’ve turned over 75% of the beds, thoroughly weeded them, dug through the manure, and planted potatoes and quite a lot of other seeds.

- We’re stuck with a half-built house extension with no roof until the ban on non-essential travel is lifted.

+ We made progress on establishing a daily home-school routine with a variety of activities. These are:
  • Half an hour of PE with Joe Wickes every morning at 9 AM. This is also making me fit. Humuhumu is very into it. Keiki was just rolling around the floor getting in the way and cackling on Monday, but by Friday he was trying the exercises 50% of the time, so that’s progress. We all think Joe frets too much about social media and should focus more on the exercises.

  • 15 minutes of yoga daily, thanks to the temporarily free (until 1 May) Down Dog app. Humuhumu loves yoga. Keiki just likes Happy Baby pose. I can now get them to do it on command. It’s a great way to break up bickering fights. “Everyone do Happy Baby pose!” And obediently they roll onto their backs and grab their feet, giggling.

  • Maths with Daddy. He makes a problem sheet with 10 maths questions for them every day. Humuhumu gets annoyed when Daddy makes her do fractions. Keiki thinks it’s funny to add zeroes to everything.

  • Music with Mummy. Humuhumu has learnt C, F and G major scales and chords with both hands. Keiki can find middle C. And play the length of the keyboard with round fruit, of course.

  • Gardening. They discovered the joys of making a really big hole and then filling it in again. Hours of entertainment.
- This was only week one of at least twelve, if projections on the necessary action to curb infection are correct. Maintaining this structure is going to take a lot of discipline, especially with bloke and I trying to negotiate time to work during the day.

+ Humuhumu had a half-hour video conversation with her three best friends on WhatsApp yesterday. It was mayhem. They were clearly overjoyed to see one another. I enjoyed watching the dynamic between them. Two of them never stopped competing for the limelight (and Humuhumu’s attention). We’re going to try and do the group video chat weekly, and individual chats interspersed through the week.

- It's quite difficult to do social distancing on the canal towpath. We're still trying to work out the optimal time of day to go for our walk in order to minimise contact.

+ I’m talking to my parents more frequently and they seem to be happier for it.

+ The bloke found eggs and rice (microwave packets, but at this point I’ll take it) at the shop yesterday.

- Still no pasta or toilet roll, though (WHYYYYY).

How are you all getting on? Hope you're keeping well. ♥

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