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Day 47/183: Weekly goal check-in reassessment

My last goal check-in was almost exactly a month ago. I stopped doing it because I was on holiday but now I reckon the advent of the pandemic has rendered most of the goals irrelevant. For a start, there’s no way for me to go to the gym for the next few months, and no way I’m going to get through this without the liberal application of booze. When examined in the cold light of covid-19, should any of them should be retained?

Survive Brexit. Frankly this seems a lot less challenging than surviving the pandemic and its consequences. I don’t see how there won’t be an extension to the transition period. The UK, the EU and the globe have got bigger problems right now. DELETE

Go to the gym twice a week. The gyms won’t reopen until the plague departs. Not worth keeping. DELETE

Don't eat meat at lunchtime. We will be eating all our lunches at home as a family, and as our lunches default to either “cheese and pickle sandwich” or “PB&J” when the kids are around, I don’t think this is much of a challenge. DELETE

Consume meat at evening meals a maximum of three times per week. We’ll eat what we can find at the supermarket when everyone’s done panic-buying, thanks. Please can people stop panic-buying eggs? Thanks. DELETE

Consume alcohol once per week socially and once at home. HAHAHA. Well, I won’t be consuming alcohol socially with all the pubs and restaurants closed and my workplace locked down. We are trapped at home 24/7 for the next three months at least, so this goal can sod right the smeg off. DELETE

Leave 3 comments per day on LJ and DW on other people's posts. I’ve got this one firmly ingrained into my routine now, so it doesn’t really need to be tracked. DELETE

Write one community post per month. Likewise, I post regularly to [community profile] common_nature and [community profile] awesomeers, so I don’t think I need this one. DELETE

Read more than ten new books this year. I probably still need to keep this in mind, if not track it regularly. I read The Sagas and Shit: Icelandic Literature Crudely Abridged by Grayson del Faro, on the recommendation of my companions, whilst I was in Reykjavik, so my total is now 6/11. KEEP

Reduce Facebook checks from once a week to once a month. I’m giving up on this one. I wanted very much to check up on friends over the past couple of weeks, and FB was the primary interface for some of them. The parent groups are also indispensable. DELETE

Eliminate the two phone games I still play. I started playing PokeGo again whilst in Reykjavik because who can resist gifts from unusual Pokestops? Additionally, Niantic seem to have increased the variety and frequency of the appearance of Pokemon during the pandemic, as well as halving the walking distances on eggs. Playing the game gets my children to volunteer to take walks with me. So I’m decidedly hooked back on PokeGo. I’m also taking turns playing Let’s Go Eevee on the Switch with Humuhumu which is also fun because she’s way ahead of me in it and likes being my walkthrough guide.

I slightly changed the way I play the other game and now I’m enjoying it again. I don’t think I actually need or want to achieve this goal, not right now and certainly not for the next few months whilst we’re socially isolated. DELETE

In summary, the only goal I’ll be keeping is the one about reading more than ten books that are new to me. I don’t expect this to be particularly challenging, given that I have at least ten on my bedside table and I won’t be going anywhere for a while. So, sayonara, weekly goal check-in posts. Maybe I’ll give you a whirl in 2021.

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