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Day 44/183: In which I digest the news that UK schools will close indefinitely on Friday

As we all expected, UK schools are now officially set to close on Friday for an indefinite period, though rumour has it the closure will last until September.

This is a rather monumental shakeup for everyone, and presents a logistical nightmare for working parents who rely on steady provision of school and wraparound services in order to keep to a 9 to 5 schedule. The bloke and I are both full-time employees and although we are doctors, we are of the PhD rather than the MD flavour, and thus don't qualify as "key workers".

We will be spending our weekend planning how we will teach our children, get enough exercise without any of the usual classes or playground usage, and still work the requisite number of hours per day. I suspect this is an experiment whose parameters will take some time to optimise.

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