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Day 43/183: Covid-19 effects + catching up on the 366 meme + catmother

Please skip the photos below the first cut if you are avoiding Covid-19-related news.


Driving into the car park at SeaTac airport. This is very close to the lifts to the terminal building; you cannot park on this level or this close to the lifts, normally, as it’s constantly full.



This is the food court at the international terminal of SeaTac airport on Sunday at dinnertime. Normally it would be heaving.

I missed a lot of days on the 366 meme due to the trip to Iceland & USA, as well as having other things to talk about. I’ve put 22 Feb through 17 Mar behind the cut.

Feb 22: Do you prefer being left alone on a long bus or train ride or would you rather chat with a random stranger next to you?

I don’t mind a short bit of desultory conversation but I would then prefer to write journal entries on my laptop, curate photos, listen to podcasts or read my book.

Feb 23 When you think about your future, what are you most afraid of?

Climate change, the rise of populism and the collapse of democracy. They are the scariest threat to all our futures and it seems increasingly as if there is little we can do about it.

Feb 24 You are out at a restaurant and you notice that a celebrity you really admire is at a nearby table. What do you do?

Nothing, they’re out having a meal with someone else.

Feb 25 You have been given a complex task to perform at work. How do you approach it?

Break it down into bite-sized pieces, if I have the time to put in some preparatory effort. If I don’t, pick a randomly accessible starting point and dive in, working it out as I go.

Feb 26 What’s a belief that you hold that most people probably disagree with?

Money is essential to happiness. It provides for your needs, gives a sense of security, and insulates against poor choices and bad luck.

Feb 27 Winter is soup time. What’s your favorite kind of soup? (Please post the recipe or source?)

I like a good chowder. I used to like clam chowder in a sourdough bowl best, but prefer corn chowder these days.

Feb 28 If you learn that a celebrity of whom you are a fan of has done something horrible, does it affect your ability to enjoy works they previously produced?

Yes. Fortunately there’s very little that I would describe as “timeless”, so I usually find I don’t have a problem moving on from those works. I’m pretty pissed at Graham Linehan for turning out to be a giant TERF, though.

Feb 29 If you were given an extra day every year to do whatever you want, what would you do?

Fortunately this year’s extra day fell on a Saturday, so I went out to dinner in Birmingham at a nice restaurant with a bunch of women friends, which was lovely. If it happened every year on a scheduled basis, I’d aim to do something similar.

Mar 1 Let’s do some pseudo-science! What’s your Enneagram type? Eclectic Energies Enneagram Tests (free): Test 1 is more comprehensive, but long. Test 2 is pretty accurate and much quicker.

I went with test 1. Apparently I’m an Investigator with an Individualist wing.

Type 5 - 10.3

Type 1 - 9.7

Wing 5w4 - 12.8

Wing 5w6 - 12.5

Mar 2 What’s your favorite candy bar?

I do like a Snickers.

Mar 3 What city or other location were you born in?

I was born in Hawai’i.

Mar 4 What’s the most ridiculous way you’ve ever been injured?

I think it was probably when I was helping a drunk friend back to our hotel during a conference in Bristol, and I fell over a piece of broken pipe. It wasn’t until the next morning that I discovered my knee had been torn open by it. Ouch.

Mar 5 It’s Learn What Your Name Means Day. So, what does your name mean? Do you think it fits you?

My first names mean “weary beautiful solitude.” And my parents wonder why I turned out to be a goth.

Mar 6 Who is your favorite celebrity chef? Why do you like them?

Monica Galetti because she is nails.

Mar 7 What is the worst medical procedure you’ve ever had?

I’ll pass on this one, thanks.

Mar 8 It’s International Women’s Day. Who is a woman you greatly admire and why do you admire her?

My two travelling companions on my trip to Reykjavik. One is a pediatric urologist (now fully qualified after 17 years of training) and the other is a NASA scientist.

Mar 9 What’s your favorite movie quote?

I have lots - mostly from the Addams Family - so I’ll just pick this one at random: “Don’t torture yourself, Gomez, that’s my job.”

Mar 10 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fear?

Something awful happening to my family.

Mar 11 What’s your first and middle name(s), if you’re comfortable saying? Do you think the meanings of your names matches who you are?

Not comfortable saying. You can have fun guessing from the meanings on 5 March if you want, but my names come from multiple languages so it might take a while.

Mar 12 What’s your birth order in your family? Do you think it affected who you are as an adult? this a question for people who have siblings? I have no siblings, and I most definitely think that it affected the way I turned out as an adult.

Mar 13 Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?


Mar 14 Do you use rely on one main password for most of your online activity, or do you try to come up with different ones as needed?

Why are these sorts of questions always buried in online surveys? You’re not getting an answer to this, now or ever.

Mar 15 You are walking along a road when you come to a three-way fork in the road. One road leads into the forest, another road leads to the mountains, and the third road leads to the ocean. Which path do you take?

Does the third road lead to a beach? Yes? Then that one.

Mar 16 What all is on your favorite sandwich?

It’s a tie between pickle and cheddar cheese, and avocado and smoked salmon.

Mar 17 What is your ethnic make-up and heritage? Is it important to you?

I’m mixed-race. The four main categories from highest to lowest percentage are: Filipino, German, Irish, and English.

Finally, here is a photo of Telstar asleep in Keiki’s bed, cuddled up with his enderman teddy.


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