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Day 39/183: A ferry ride to Videy Island

With apologies for jumping back in time to before the Harpa concert, I went to meet my travelling companions at their hotel around mid-day. From there, we walked up the Sculpture and Shore trail to the departure pier of the ferry to Videy Island, which is a three-minute journey from that particular bit of Reykjavik coastline.

Videy Island is home to artworks and ruins, as well as hosting Yoko Ono's "Imagine Peace" cylinder. It is lit from October to December, between John Lennon's birth and death, and for a few days in spring. The island is a wonderful place to walk and just admire the scenery, particularly Snaefellsnes peninsula, on a clear sunny day. We were lucky enough to have one of those during our trip on a Sunday, as the ferry doesn't run except in good weather on fine weekend afternoons in winter.

There are a lot of photos from the shore walk and the ferry trip below the cut. It took me some time to curate them, which is why this entry is appearing after the one about the concert at the Harpa.


Viðeyjarstofa House on Videy, viewed from the opposing shore.



Coast guard ship docked next to the ferry, with seagull mascot.


Ferry in dock on the Reykjavik side.


Ferry coming into the dock on Videy island.


Turf-roofed buildings on Videy.



Children’s playground on Videy.


Geese flying over Videy.







Views around Videy.


My companions.


Dried seed pods in snow.


Rusty anchor.


Kayaker in Reykjavik harbour.


The wider view, with kayaker in foreground.

IMG_0038 The “Imagine Peace” sculpture by Yoko Ono

We grabbed a hot chocolate from the visitor centre before hopping on the ferry back to Reykjavik. So to recap, on International Women's Day, we:

  • spent the entire day with other women
  • took a ferry ride to see a work of art by a famous woman
  • drank one of the best hot chocolates ever made by anyone, but in this specific instance, by a woman
  • put vodka in the hot chocolate on the ferry ride back, because we could, and if you are judging us, we don't care
  • saw a chamber music concert with a majority-woman quartet, that featured the premiere of a piece by a woman composer
  • ate fish tacos (fnaaar)
  • patronised a bar run by women

I did post to my journal about the penis museum, which counteracts these points somewhat, but otoh all the penises have been detached from their dead owners, soaked in formaldehyde, and subjected to ruthless public scrutiny. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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