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Day 34/183: Car train train bus plane bus bus hotel

I picked up a bottle of Reykjavik vodka in the airport, which cost a tenner and is probably fire water but so long as I drink it cold and with the neighbouring bottle of lemon soda, I'm sure it will be fine.

I used a lot of forms of transport today to get from home to a hotel in Reykjavik - see subject line. It took 11.5 hours in total. I could probably have made it shorter by not flying from Luton airport but it was so much cheaper than flying from my local regional airport that it was worth it. Or at least it will be once I’ve got this vodka lemon thing down my neck and shut my eyes.

Tomorrow I have to buy a swimming costume because this numpty forgot she was going to the Blue Lagoon tomorrow night with my mad American doctor friends whom I haven’t seen in 15 years. We meet tomorrow morning at the Iceland Phallological Museum, because where else do you start a tour of Reykjavik with a bunch of urologists?

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