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Day 20/183: Caturday + Weekly Goal Check-in (6/52)

[Telstar lording it up in the sunshine on our ill-kempt lawn.]

As I predicted last week, there was a downturn in success this week. It was mostly due to the need to devote a lot of the latter half of the week to clearing out rooms in the house that will be demolished imminently.

  • Survive Brexit. I went into town yesterday to get my hair done and the car thoroughly decontaminated. It was extremely quiet. You can really feel that Brexit bounce on the high street. #sarcasm DONE

  • Go to the gym twice a week. I didn’t go at all this week. However, it’s not like I didn’t get any exercise, as I spent all of Thursday and parts of Wednesday and Friday moving heavy stuff from inside the house to storage tubs (and then upstairs), the shed, the bins, or the playhouse, as I deemed fit. So even though I’m 0/2, I don’t feel it’s that great a failure. NOT DONE

  • Don't eat meat at lunchtime. I ate leftover sausages for my Thursday lunch because I was home and I was ravenous after four hours straight of packing and moving things. NOT DONE

  • Consume meat at evening meals a maximum of three times per week. No meat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. However, due to not wanting to waste food and having had a fridge clearout, have eaten meat both meals this weekend. NOT DONE

  • Consume alcohol once per week socially and once at home. I didn’t have a chance to consume alcohol socially so I had a glass of wine at home on two evenings. But the bloke came home on Saturday, so I had beers with him because yay, he’s home! NOT DONE

  • Leave 3 comments per day on LJ and DW on other people's posts. Succeeded every day, sometimes not until 23:30, but still. DONE

  • Write one community post per month. I posted to [community profile] common_nature because we got close-up views of a blue tit after Keiki and I filled up the peanut feeder on Saturday afternoon. DONE

  • Read more than ten new books this year. I did not read books at all this week. I had far too many other things to do at work and in preparation for the building work. NOT DONE.

  • Reduce Facebook checks from once a week to once a month. I briefly checked communities once this week. Now I have to stay off for the rest of the month. DONE (for now)

  • Eliminate the two phone games I still play. I should be quitting game #2 now but if anything I played more this week because I was tired and needed distraction. MILD REGRESSION

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