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Day 10/183: Pickling news and Some 366 meme questions


In pickling news, I have made my first attempt at gherkins/American pickles. My recipe* involved the following:

  • Tiny cucumbers, sliced
  • Garlic granules
  • Two bay leaves
  • Enough coarse sea salt to form a thick layer on the bottom of the jar
  • Tablespoon of peppercorns
  • Water
  • Fermenting jar (1.4 litres)
  • Time (1 week)

I tried them after seven days and they weren’t quite right, so I dumped in more salt and waited three more days. They taste almost exactly like the gherkins you would buy from the supermarket, even without the mustard seeds, but I feel as if something else is missing. Could it be sugar? If you have a favourite gherkin/American pickle recipe, please share it in the comments.

Jan 15: If you could pick a new first name, what would you choose?

I wouldn’t. I am very fond of my first name. It’s one of the best things my dad gave me. When I was younger, I wanted to be Natasha. I can’t remember why.

Whenever Humuhumu has to make up a name, she either uses Sophie or Aleesha. She won’t tell us why.

Jan 16: What is your favorite board game?

Scrabble, but we never play it because it always turns into “Squabble”.

Jan 17: What self-care things do you find helpful to ground yourself or “talk yourself down from the ledge” when you’re overwhelmed by your feelings or by stress?

I drink tea and go to the gym.

Jan 18: What is the most extreme weather you have ever experienced?

A Category 3 hurricane, when I was about eight. I also vividly recall a hailstorm in Minnesota when I was about the same age, where the hailstones were the size of golf balls. It was terrifying but on the positive side, it only lasted a couple of minutes, unlike the hurricane.

Jan 19: Do you operate out of any particular faith system that informs your actions? Do you intentionally NOT have a faith system, and if so, what beliefs or ideas inform your actions?

I’m an atheist. I’m sure that growing up in a household of lapsed Christians, briefly attending a Catholic school, being surrounded by ardent believers of various stripes during most of my schooling, and living in a predominantly Christian society, probably means that the Christian faith has at least some impact on my behaviours.

I believe that other people have the right to have a faith system, and that one of my duties as an atheist is not to be a dick about that.

Jan 20: When you go to a fancy coffee shop, what’s your go-to order?

If we’re talking about the sort of coffee shop where the baristas will describe the bean origins and roasting conditions in exquisite detail, then I will have an espresso. If we’re talking about the sort of coffee shop where most of the fancy drinks have only a passing relationship with actual coffee, then I’ll order the gingerspicematchalattething with sprinkles and cream, because why not go all out?

Jan 21: What genre of books is your usual favorite when you read for pleasure?

It used to be fiction (fantasy, murder mysteries of the Agatha Christie type, humorous, “literary”, and sci-fi). I read a good deal more non-fiction for pleasure (autobiographies/memoirs, economic theory, science) now than I did when I was in my teens and early twenties.

* recipe does not contain any actual merkin. Please do not google with tea in your mouth.

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