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Day 9/183: Weekly Goal Check-in (3/52)

This was a busy weekend. Amongst other things, we went for a 6.6 km walk through a bog in Leicestershire (see photo).


  • Survive Brexit. Still surviving. DONE

  • Go to the gym twice a week. I went on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. 3/2 DONE

  • Don't eat meat at lunchtime. All vegetarian lunches eaten. DONE

  • Consume meat at evening meals a maximum of three times per week. No meat on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. DONE

  • Consume alcohol once per week at most. Have confirmed that this is not going to work, as I don’t want to give up drinking socially. I went out with friends on Wednesday night and had rum cocktails, and then the bloke’s cousin came over on Friday night for a curry, with which we had wine. I also had one glass of wine last night. NOT DONE

    Next week, this will be re-worded as “Consume alcohol once per week socially and once at home.” That’s achievable.

  • Leave 3 comments per day on LJ and DW on other people's posts. Succeeded every day. I think I’ve managed double on at least a couple of occasions. I don’t want to increase the goal, though, as it’s nice having it still be achievable on the days when I don’t get to it until after 10 PM. DONE

  • Write one community post per month. Already DONE for January. Posted to [community profile] common_nature a second time, as I was very excited that we now have a bullfinch as a regular visitor to our thistle seed feeder.

  • Read more than ten new books this year. I can’t continue with Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire; it’s just too raw. I read some more of Uncommon Knowledge. 2/11. PROGRESS MADE.

  • Reduce Facebook checks from once a week to once a month. I checked this week because there was Family Drama. I’m not sure my check did anything to help, but at least I’m up to date on the status. DONE

  • Eliminate the two phone games I still play. I think I can safely say I’ve quit Pokemon Go. I can’t quite bring myself to quit the other game yet. I’m giving myself an amnesty until after the first week of next month, for Reasons, but then I shall quit for good. PROGRESS MADE

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